Meda, Marialva


77000 M2






Swimming Pool and Lake




AgroTourism farm with 3 houses in stone (12 rooms) 77,000 m2 of land with many trees and a large pond.
This beautiful property is situated nearby the historical village of Marialva, Mêda town and 20 km from Vila Nova de Foz Côa.


Marialva is just minutes from the city of Mêda. This Historical Village, in a setting that reveals one of the living relics of Portuguese ancestry, transports the visitor to the deepest roots of the country’s history.

The village of Marialva is 7 km from the headquarters of the municipality of Mêda, on the left bank of the Marialva stream. It consists of three distinct nuclei: the Citadel or Village inside the Castle, now unpopulated; the Arrabalde extending the village beyond the walled area; and Devesa, located south of the citadel, which stretches across the plain to the Marialva stream, and rests on the ancient Roman city.



Through Mêda lands are castles and ruins, emblazoned houses, pillories, fragas and fountains with history, and Marialva is the epicenter of the distinction of the county, since it is one of the Historical Villages of Portugal.
In terms of landscape, one can distinguish the panoramas that can be seen from the viewpoints of Santa Bárbara, Coriscada, and Paipenela, the Marialva Castle, the Ranhados Dam and the Mêda Clock Tower. The image of the almond blossoms of Longroiva and Fontelonga will be engraved in memory in the months of Fereveiro and March.

The pure nature that surrounds the municipality of Mêda, always gives it an aura of magnificence that has enchanted generations of peoples and creeds. Through these stops, between granite mounds and spontaneous vegetation, three magnificent castles shine, the one of Ranhados, the one of Longroiva and the one of Marialva, the latter with four towers. Evidence of the historical importance of these lands in the struggles and battles of the Middle Ages.

People of work, celebration and a thousand crafts, the inhabitants of Meda and the beautiful surrounding villages have perpetuated for centuries, ancient utensils and delicious handcrafted flavors of the cuisine of Beira that do not forget to make in the days of pilgrimage of its saints and patrons.


A property can be profitable through temporary or long-term rental, depending on the time the landlord uses his property.

This is the starting point for maximizing income: for those who do not have the time, live far away or abroad or travel frequently, we can help identify the available periods of the property and manage their occupancy with temporary housing for tourists, workers or those that best fit in the profile of the property, creating memorable stays.

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