Valencia, Cristelo


908 M2






Terrace, Garden and Private Chapel




Home fully recovered, in the historic area of Valencia, next to the walls with spectacular views of the Minho river and Spain.
Currently as local accommodation, this beautiful property is composed of 7 suites, 3 meeting rooms, library, fully equipped kitchen, large terraces, garden and private chapel. Fully furnished and recovered.
Cristelo Valencia


In recent decades, the Historic Center of Valencia has established itself as an important space for cross-border commercial pilgrimage. As in the past, the Fortress of Valença remains today a privileged place for all who live and visit here, allowing contact with history and heritage (not only of the municipality, but of the country and the region), as well as for landscape enjoyment.

Considered to be one of the largest open-air shopping areas in Portugal, Valença’s inner city walls are filled with small traditional shops that are certainly worth a visit! Integrated in the Camino de Santiago Route. Commercial activity is also of great economic importance, otherwise known as Praça Forte do Comércio, since commercial activity has an important role in the employment of the municipality’s residents.

In addition to the numerous shops in Fortaleza and the city, there are the weekly Valença (Wednesday), the monthly Valença fairs on the first Sunday of the month and the Cerdal on the second Sunday of the month that attract thousands of people from the North. from Portugal and Galicia.



To know the Fortress of Valença, is to travel through the 2000 year memories of the most remarkable pages of the historical adventures of Portugal and Spain.

A jewel of the bastioned military architecture, with 5 km of wall, a Living and multicultural fortress.
The houses, the military buildings, the churches, the views of the river Minho, the old metal bridge and the medieval Tui complete each other in a unique setting.

Valencia, the military bastion of Portugal’s defense of independence, is today a space open to the world and a symbol of relations between Portugal and Spain.

Fortaleza and the unique flavors of the cuisine with cod, wines and sweets are an irresistible invitation to feel Valença.


A property can be profitable through temporary or long-term rental, depending on the time the landlord uses his property.

This is the starting point for maximizing income: for those who do not have the time, live far away or abroad or travel frequently, we can help identify the available periods of the property and manage their occupancy with temporary housing for tourists, workers or those that best fit in the profile of the property, creating memorable stays.

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