Moledo and Cristelo


Caminha, Moledo and Cristelo


6620 M2






Garden & Lake House




Magnificent property with 6,620 m2 of land, fully fenced with total privacy, House 4 and annex for parties.
Small stone house, rebuilt and extended with modern part, consisting of 4 rooms, one of them being suite, 3 Wc ´ s and fully equipped kitchen. Landscaped grounds with various trees, pond with ducks and water mill.
Very quiet location just minutes from the beach.


Praia do Moledo is still very popular because it is very rich in iodine, but it stands out above all for its surrounding landscape.

Very famous seaside resort since the early 20th century. Twenty, Moledo Beach is frequented by families of politicians and columnists looking for it year after year, without being seduced by other warmer sands in the south. Its beach has been decreasing over the years, but still manages to receive many holidaymakers from the county.

In an area of ​​great natural beauty, surrounded by the Mata do Camarido, this is a somewhat windy beach, bathed by the sea of ​​strong waves, with good conditions for surfing and even windsurfing during the summer. The surrounding dune landscape, protected between wooden walkways, also combines with the landscape of the mountain that is lost on the horizon.

In front of Moledo Beach, on the small rocky island accessed by boat, stands the Forte da Ínsua, built in the 19th century. XV for convent, having been the subject of works in the seventeenth and eighteenth century that turned it into a bulwark of defense of the coast.

You can count on good infrastructure, such as restaurants, parking, toilets, among other supports that are in the small village nearby.



This village in the north of Portugal, in the district of Viana do Castelo, stands out the sea and river beaches, the green hills, the typical festivals, the gastronomy and of course its inhabitants.

Climb to the viewpoints to enjoy the view (and enjoy a picnic, the stone tables and benches are waiting for you). Explore the picturesque village of Vilar de Mouros, go for a swim in the sea or on the river and discover the local cuisine. And there is much, much more to discover.

In Caminha explore the walled historic center and, if the weather invites, enjoy the terraces to rest and try the local sweets, such as walkers and tiles, for example. Walk down Right Street to find the nighttime (and daytime) fun spots, getting lost in the picturesque alleys.

There are many parties that fill the streets of Caminha: the parties in honor of Santa Rita de Cassia, Our Lady of Bonanza, St. Benedict, the Feast of Flounders and the Pilgrimage of St. John D ‘Arga. The latter, is known to be the most genuine feast of the Alto Minho, where traditions, customs and undoubtedly fun. Also the Medieval Fair represents a tourist attraction, in which the streets are full of foreigners and lively music (in July).


A property can be profitable through temporary or long-term rental, depending on the time the landlord uses his property.

This is the starting point for maximizing income: for those who do not have the time, live far away or abroad or travel frequently, we can help identify the available periods of the property and manage their occupancy with temporary housing for tourists, workers or those that best fit in the profile of the property, creating memorable stays.

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